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Coming Exhibition

Postter 2.jpg

During his childhood, one of his interests have always been drawing. He started to draw his favorite comics, and after drawing for a while he changed his interest to something.

When he was 18 year​ old , he began to draw again, while he was living with his relatives who supported him to study photography in Bangkok.

After , he moved out  started to live like a backpacker.

This is when he started to realize that his proficient is painting So he decided became a street artist and drawing postcards on street.

His first solo art exhibited in 1999  with the title “Time”

In 2002, he turned his attention to abstract and figurative arts.

Nowadays, he has created  abstract arts as well as hiking , bike and travel in his spare time. However, he still being street artist, Draw a Funny Portrait which made him what he is now.

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